thread: SS Gear

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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2013

    SS Gear

    I'm currently using Apos and i read that dragonic set is the better to pick. However, after looking over the darkforce set ability would it not benefit apostia better? Since it is a skill dependent class the xtra mp gain plus the CD the set gives coupled with his passive cd skill would it not be better?

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    1. In order to get the orbs to form at all on APo, you need to use commands/actives, which APo can't consistently use without lowering his damage output since 99% of his damage comes from special actives.
    2. Dragonic helps his raw damage by providing a buff that can help with his burst. Raw damage is probably his weakest PvE aspect.
    3. APo shouldn't suffer from CD problems. Only MP problems (if you think he doesn't need Extended Quick Slot, then you're doing something wrong)
    4. The CD on gaining a bead is 10 seconds, which too much for the set to be useful (it would have been a different story if this CD was much shorter).

    The set really needs adjusting for it to be viable on anyone. No class in the game currently suffers from CD issues so much that they would need the set to be able to compete with the other classes.