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    Ruben Villager
    May 2017

    Lightbulb Help!!! Help!!! Newbie, some question on Optimus (need a best coach).....

    Hello everybody,
    I have some question about my Rose's class (Optimus).

    1st: What's skill that I could use for A and B slot for Pve? (just give me the name of each).

    2nd: What's the best of stats should I socket for the 4D gears and weap for OpT?(ex: crit,maximize,atk speed,etc...?).

    3rd: What point of El resonance that should I select for Opt in Pve?(the most important question).

    4nd: Which attribute should I put into the 4D weap? (water or wind).

    Thanks for your advice. Have a great day guys.

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    Ruben Villager
    May 2017
    on the earth
    well about first question i can't help you 'cuz i didnt play optimus actually -,-
    about second, well you should go for maxim like every one to be able to deal reliable damage(without maxim your damage will be really chaotic)
    after %20(3000) all speeds (attack speed, movement speed, jump speed) are necessary for some utility
    also for rose, special A is really good, you can go for it like %15 or %20 (it will increase your overstrike bonus damage)
    lastly %40(5700) crit and some red. will be nice
    about third question, hp/mp boost is really good. It ll make you more durable and will allow you spam skills easier
    it is the most prefered reso for sure, after than that you can go for mana or cooldown reduce (if you don't have any mana problem cooldown will be better) or to be able to collect exp faster exp boost is really worth too. also if you are a farmer like me to collect ed doing sd or normal dungeons drop rate is really nice too, especially if you are a treasure hunter
    well about last question, although i didnt play optimus, i know her damage coming from her skills but not command attacks
    even auto guns are cool, within hand of optimus they are weak cuz physical damage of optimus is just low
    so wind attribute wont be useful for you, it is like for characters who deal good damage(most of damage what they dealt) with their command attacks and active skills then wind will be useful. I dont know anything about actives of optimus but i don't think so that damage is worth to use wind attribute
    in a shot just going for water will be better for you
    I m sorry that i couldnt help you well 'cuz i didnt play optimus.. I hope it will be helpful abit