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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2016

    Need massive amount of help for LK

    I don't know if I just suck or not, but my LK's DPS is outright PATHETIC!!

    I have a whole bunch of other characters who are doing way more DPS than him. Even when I go group finder, I am ALWAYS AT the very BOTTOM of the DPS. ALL THE WAY!! Yes, for months, I am ALWAYS AT THE BOTTOM!!

    I'm currently using the Hamel SD set all +9 atm.
    And I'm having an INCREDIBLY hard time just killing anything late game. Every Class is out right doing more than 3 times my damage whenever I play. Am I doing something really really wrong here?

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    Feita Knight
    Mar 2011
    Few questions before we can help you:
    1. Which classes are you comparing LK to? Are you using total damage from results as your gauge? Also what weapons do your other classes have?
    2. What is your skill setup and traits?
    3. What is your play style? What do you do mostly when an area starts?

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2016
    1) Classes? You can basically count almost every class there is. The only ones I haven't been able to compare myself to are WS and VP. But literally just about every other class out there just practically overtakes my DPS by an extremely huge amount. I'm comparing myself to almost every class I've played with, so much that you literally just consider every class and I'm still at rock bottom. (Barring WS and VP since I never get the chance to play with either)
    Yes I do use the damage gauge as one
    But with the latest patch involving the water city where you have to kill a gauntlet of monsters by yourself separately from your teammates, I can see myself easily falling behind in DPS and speed by 2 times at best and 4 times at worst.

    2)My skillset is Rolling smash, Roll, Iron Body, Mortal Strike, Armagedon Blade, SandStorm, Imperial Crusher, Windmill, Armour break, Grand Cross and Hyperactive
    I can't remember all the exact traits involved in it...sorry

    3)My play style is mostly trying to group everything at once before wailing on them. Usually opening with sandstorm or windmill depending on which Aura I'm using. After grouping them all at once. I iron body follow by armour break and then Arma blade them before I go into combos. Mostly I still do crap damage.