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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2017
    Time and space

    Yuki's emergency art shop

    Hello everyone! I'm opening art shop because I need ED, Ore's and Mithril Crystal.I have an example here (I wasn't able to finish many examples in short amount of time) but I'll open an art shop when my examples are done.
    I can do backgrounds but for now since this is an emergency, I will only do the character itself

    INT server only however, if you're NA server, you can send your payment via paypal
    just pm me here or in discord [ Sora#3294 ]

    - Prices -

    2 characters = double the price

    Bust : 120m ED or = $10
    Waist up : 250m ED or =$20
    full body : 430m ED or = $30

    Payments will be sent to this IGN: Sedorikku

    ! you can send the payment before or after I'm done


    (I'm sorry my sample is only this one! as I said I'am kinda hurry
    and wasn't able to finish the other examples right now since the
    enhancement event is getting end OTL)


    IGN: (if INT fill this form, if not then don't)
    References: (I need a clear references please)
    Extra: any details that you want to add or specific position?
    let me know if I'll include the weapon


    Slot | Progress


    - Wait listed -


    also let me know if my pricing is too high or very reasonable, since this is my first time
    opening an art shop :3 Thank you very much!