Hey guys,

Now, we know that some of you haven't been able to duke it out in PVP yet, or you've tried and your usually trusty connection fails you for some reason. If you are encountering issues connecting to PVP, you can report it via the Customer Support system, just include the following information:

Public IP:

Location: Provide Tracert Results going to www.elswordonline.com: (Instructions: Go to windows command prompt, type tracert www.elswordonline.com then press enter and copy the tracert result)
- Were you able to successfully complete a PVP session without experiencing any lag/were you always experiencing lag every time you have a PVP session/you can't complete any PVP session because of disconnection issues? (Please specify what you experienced)
- Time & Date the problem occurred or was experienced
- Indicate if you were the host of the room or you just joined
- Provide at least one name of a player with you in the PVP Room/provide a screenshot if any

Thank you and have fun!!!