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    Hamel Guardian
    May 2012

    Eve appreciation thread

    Because this thread absolutely needed to be revived in the proper forum. Post why you love our little Nasod Queen. Why did you get into her? What do you love about her? And more importantly, post pretty and cute.

    A selection from the previous thread.

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    May 2012
    Nemesis best k

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    Elysion Navigator
    Oct 2011
    Art Hell
    Why I wanted eve:
    She was supposed to be fast and powerful
    powerful moreso being maneuverable.
    Why I like eve:
    See: The above
    along with her being pretty.
    Though Cel could definitely be stronger. ShK was far ahead of other classes, BtM could create a real piss fit, TR did..
    WT... WT was pathetic, VC destroys everything, though
    and ShG is the most annoying thing ever.
    So yeah.
    Cel is bad and KoG should feel bad.

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    Elder Citizen
    Oct 2012
    Because Eve > All

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    Altera Savior
    Dec 2011

    eef-sama % leticia-chan hav saem xpreshun ;//;

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    Elysion Navigator
    Mar 2011
    Canad- No its Japan. Yes Japan.
    I still can't beat Empresses.

    I'm sorry.

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    Feita Knight
    Jan 2013
    Started the game with Eve over a year ago when it still showed her as "new character". The way she moves is ermehgerd .-. and now still playing her because she's just so fun I can't help it .-. Gonna try to revive my CN that's been sitting there for a long time too o.o

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    Elysion Navigator
    Sep 2012
    Boca Raton, Florida

    eef-sama % leticia-chan hav saem xpreshun ;//;
    Ah my god, so flippen cutelajfdlkasjdlasldajkssldka

    I'll post pictures after :3

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    Feita Knight
    Aug 2013
    Eve is the first character i played. i loved both her 2nd job designs and here is my mental reaction when i 1st saw CBS

    i cant wait for CBS because it will give me a reason to lv my CE again and will see ALOT in PvP and PvE~

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    Bethma Guard
    Jun 2012
    I looooove my eves. That sexy springstep hnng. Showing off the fancyness in feita regions is always fun. *^*
    Empress and Nemesis 4lieffff, k.