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    [In-Depth Personality Guide] Way of The Pet

    Way of the Pet
    [last update = 1/29/2015]

    Chapter 1 (Objective, Intro and overview of pet guide)

    First and foremost I want to say thank you to all who contributed to this guide, forum names will be displayed at the end of it. I would also like to extend my thanks to 2nafish for taking the time to translate a rather extensive guide on the many pets (Pet Guide) available on Elsword. Elements of the aforementioned guide are present in this personality guide; please look at it as an extension of the original.


    To provide new as well as senior Elsword players with adequate knowledge on how to raise pets towards sensible & shy personalities and to maintain and further gain points for said personalities.


    For far too long I’ve seen many people in-game and on forums ask this question
    How do I raise my pet to have the best personality set?
    I think it’s time to lay waste to the mystery and finally give a concise, clear answer as to how to properly raise one’s lovable pets. But before that, I would like to give a quick overview of 2na’s pet guide for all newbie players in Elsword. So without further ado let’s get to it by answering a few questions: Background Music, click me!

    Do I really need a pet?
    You don’t really need one, but it is very nice and very helpful to have one. From experience, the pet’s in Elsword are the first to introduce a competent system that allows them to be useful rather than simply being a cute accessory and just that. An interesting fact to note is some pet's attack will fill up your MP bar. This yields more skill spamming.

    How/when should I get started?
    My personal opinion on this matter will always stand in regards to new players in Elsword. You should not worry about pets at all until you’ve reached lv60 on your character of choice. The reason being you won’t have enough funds to raise your pet. You need to make sure you can supply it with the appropriate treat (QPL Jelly, El tree fruits, El seeds) and give it the time it needs to be raised, which is a major time commitment on your part. That coupled with your character’s skill build up, gear farming, questions, etc, makes it a taxing burden to tackle on. By the time you’ve reached lv70 you should have somewhere in between 50 to 90 million ED, perhaps more if you NPC all your loot, which will be enough to get you started on your companion; ED is the currency of Elrios.

    This is my opinion, you're more than welcomed to dismiss it, and by no means am I trying to encourage you to wait until you're capped. It is up to you to go along with it or not.

    Overview of Pet Guide

    Once you've decided to take on the responsibility to raise your pet, the first thing you must do is give it a name. You won’t be able to change it once you've hit “OK” on the prompt so make sure you give your pet a name you will be happy with. However, since the pet revamp, an item was introduced which let's you change your pet's name.The “Pet nickname change card” allows you to change your pet’s name and is available in elsword's in-game item mall!

    You can access the pet list window and status by pressing “P” on your keyboard; it will display a list where your acquired pets will show. Click on the one you want to see stats on.

    Pet List Window

    Pet Status window

    Explanation: The “Summon” button will call upon your pet, after which it will turn to “Unsummon”. Needless to say, it will recall your pet. The green bar represents your pet’s hunger. It depletes as you kill mobs on fields or in dungeons. The bar underneath represents the affinity bar which this determines whether or not your pet will listen to you and how often it will choose to attack regardless of personality stats. It increases per mob killed in fields or in dungeons.

    WARNING: a pet’s affinity will decrease if its hunger percentage is below 40%. To prevent your pet’s affinity from going down you must feed it. Pets will eat El tree seeds, fruits and QPL Jellies.

    Please refer to the Pet Guide link provided in the intro section for more detail on pets in general.


    Currently Testing

    ♦ percentage intervals for stages prior to adult
    ♦ Sensible inducing foods [what to feed and what not to feed your pet]
    ♦ Personality-change inducing methods ~ log-out & re-summon ~ are currently being tested for consistency.
    ♦ Percentage intervals for the different pet stages are currently going reevaluation; so far we know re-summoning still works as intended (4%) for adults.
    ♦ Log-out method needs to be retested as 5% no longer seems to provide shy points for adults.

    1st feed of the day affinity now COUNTS towards shy intervals!!!

    First feed of the day also works toward shy interval, as shown in the video above.
    It was brought to my attention that the 2% affinity gain from first feed of the day now COUNTS towards shy personality. A big thank you and shout out to xnanafe & hihiplz for helping bring this to light.

    PS: this works for adults so far, previous pet stages don't seem to share in this benefit.

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    Chapter 2 (Pet Personality In-Depth guide)

    Section 1: The best personality Set

    Let’s start off by agreeing that the best personality set for any pet to have is Sensible & Shy. The two contribute to your pet’s behavior as follows:

    Sensible – will make your pet attack when owner deals major damage to mobs. Also, major damage dealt to owner will make the pet attack. Unlike its counterpart, impulsive, sensible pets are less likely to use their mana on emoticons, choosing to attack instead. The skill “Encouragement” (also known as cheer) is affected by this personality. A sensible pet will cheer for its owner after he/she deals minor damage to a mob but it will also cheer if minor damage was dealt to the owner; please refer to Pet Guide for more info on Encouragement.

    Shy – It will allow the pet to use 250 mana points, instead of 300 points as required by sociable personality, to attack; therefore allowing your pet to attack quicker. This personality also determines at what % of HP your pet will cheer for you. When shy, a pet will cheer you on when your HP bar hits 30% or below.

    NOTE: When a pet is sociable, it will cheer for you once your HP hits 15% or below and when you deal major damage or it is dealt to you. So needless to say, the quicker your pet cheers you on the better your chances for survival therefore a shy pet is better than a sociable one.

    Important facts to note:

    • Until further testing is complete, the only way to induce change in personality is through re-summon method.
    • A pet’s personality changes 0.25 points at a time using the log out method. In contrast, a pet’s personality will change by 0.20 at a time when using the re-summon method.
    • Staying logged in at town with your pet summoned does not have any effect on pet personality, assuming you do not kill a mob in fields or in a dungeon.
    • Large affinity gap changes (e.g. 10% or 20% at a time) will not necessarily change personality proportionately.
    • Once your pet hits 70% affinity it will enter Special Mode, in this state its attack and Encouragement skill gain a buff and will become more powerful the higher their affinity. Only drawback is they will only eat El tree seeds and fruits. Everything else will be rejected.
    • At 100% affinity, shy & sociable personalities are not subject to change whereas sensible & impulsive still are.
    • Exiting the game, clicking “character select”, changing channels and unsummoning your pet are considered forms of logging out so beware.
    • Fantastic QPL Jellies provide 2% affinity when fed to your pet. This gained affinity DOES count towards your next percentage interval. Example: An adult pet has 10% affinity and is fed a fantastic jelly which will bring the percentage up to 12. Since an adult pet requires 4% intervals (while using the re-summoning method) then you only need to acquire another 2% to meet your due interval. You can also take a look at this video to see how this is carried out. (Video courtesy of xnanafe)
    • Close and re-open the pet window (press P) to allow the data to refresh. Do this every time after you re-summon your pet to see any possible updates to the personality grid.


    Section 2: Obtaining the desired personality


    You can get to work on your pet’s personality as soon as it is in its crystal form. There is little to no trouble raising your pet to be sensible, the only requirement is to feed it El tree fruits or seeds or QPL jellies. Each of these foods fills up the hunger meter by a percentage.

    • El tree fruit: 19.5%
    • El tree seed: 9.5%
    • QPL Jelly: 14.5% (at level 7)
    • QPL Jelly: 15% (at level 8 on a non-limited edition pet)
    • Armor/weapon: Please remember to not feed your pet elite (purple), unique (gold), regular (white) or rare (yellow) armor/weapons. These will make your pet lean towards impulsive personality. It is more practical to dismantle weapons & armors to make QPL Jellies, which will guarantee sensible points. (Video provided by xnanafe)

    NOTE: There are different levels of QPL jellies and your pet will accept any. The higher the level of jelly the more the hunger meter fills up. To make these jellies you need El-gems, these are obtained after dismantling a weapon or armor of a certain level, and Weapon Casts which can be purchased from blacksmiths all around Elrios; be advised that each blacksmith only sells a certain level of weapon cast and not all. For more info on QPL Jellies please click the link to the Pet’s Guide in the Intro section.


    The real challenge lies in how to raise your pet to be shy. To turn a pet shy you must relog or re-summon every X% of affinity gained since you logged-in. This percentage interval varies for each of the pet stages; which are crystal, infant, teen and adult. Remember that depending on the method you use, a pet will gain 0.20 or 0.25 personality points per interval. The two methods of inducing change in personality are the re-summon method & the logout method. However, at the moment only the re-summoning method works and log-out has to be retested.

    The intervals

    Please note that although the percentages given for crystal, infant and teen stages were approximate percentages that yielded shy points, the exact percentage required for these stages to yield a shy point before evolving is unknown. While we try to find out what the new percentage interval for these stages is, please use the old percentages adding either 1 or 2 percentage extra. Until then, the old info will be displayed in [code] format.

    Crystal: The interval required for them to lean towards shy personality points is estimated to be 48%. Example: crystal has just been summon and has 0% affinity, raise it to 48% and then log out/re-summon to gain points in shy. Next interval will be from 48% to 96%.
    Infant: They gain points approximately every 21%. Example: your infant is at 4% affinity. To gain points you must rise that to 25% and log out/re-summon, then from 25% you raise it to 46% and so on.
    Teen: At this stage your pet requires 10% affinity intervals to gain shy points; using re-summon method. Example: Your teen pet has 7% affinity. You must raise that to 17% for .20 points. After this you will raise it to 27% to get another .20 shy points. On the 5th repetition (57%) you should achieve 1 shy point.

    {}Log out:

    Adult pets will require 5 attempts of 4% intervals before achieving a point. Example: the pet’s affinity is 0%, you must rise that to 4% to obtain .20 points. After this you will raise that to 8% for another .20, then 12%, 16% and finally 20% to achieve a full point.
    5 tries of 4% = 1 point (20% affinity total)

    CRUCIAL NOTE: When raising your pet there will come times where your affinity won’t accommodate the next due interval for personality points, for example - you’re raising your pet in its crystal form, after two instances your affinity will end up at 96% and won’t accommodate for the next interval. Do not worry, simply increase the affinity to 100% and evolve your pet. After this its affinity will reset back to 0% and you can start fresh. Once evolved, your pet will be an infant so you must apply the corresponding interval to further gain points. I can’t stress enough how important it is you strictly follow the intervals to optimize your personality point gain.

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    Section 3: How it works, Do’s, Don’ts & tips

    How it works


    An adult pet requires five attempts of four percent intervals to acquire one shy point; twenty percent affinity is gained in total through this process.
    (video showcasing this will be coming soon)

    Pros: You don't have to leave your party thus you can avoid the hassle of getting back into your party.

    Cons: It takes more repetitions before you can acquire a shy point.


    • This applies only to crystal, infant and teen stages - After your pet reaches 100% affinity, do not un-summon or log out for this will cause you to gain sociable points. Evolve your pet right away!
    • As stated before, unsummoning your pet counts as logging out. Don’t do it until you’ve reached the corresponding affinity interval to your pet’s stage.
    • Do not try switching channels through the upper right channel window on your in-game screen. That also, as of now, counts as logging out.


    • Make sure you allocate enough time to work on your pet. It’s happened to me before that I would work on my pet’s personality and then my dad would tell me to let him use the PC at once.
    • Keep your pet well fed. The higher the percentage the hunger meter is at, the faster you will earn affinity. Please note that the different stages a pet goes through have a predetermined speed at which they gain affinity. Crystal earns affinity the fastest, followed by infant and then teen.
    • Write down the your intervals in a piece of paper so you don’t forget where you’re supposed to log out or re-summon.


    • The first feed of the day will always grant 2% affinity to your pet. This DOES count towards the affinity interval required to induce shy personality. Crystal, Infant & Teen stages are being tested.(MOST IMPORTANT TIP)

      Example: Your adult pet has 9% affinity and gains 2% more from it's first feed of the day. At this point the total affinity becomes 11%. Depending on the method you chose, you must add the remaining corresponding percentage to induce Shy personality change; if log out then N/A, if re-summon then 4% meaning 9+2=11, re-summon interval= 13%, remaining percentage=2%.
    • When starving your pet make sure you have enough time to lower its affinity all the way down to 0% and then relog, this is to minimize damage to your pet’s Shy personality. This will cause you to gain 0.25 points towards Sociable, but it is easily corrected since you will have a clean affinity slate to work on. So do not fret.
    • Starting at 39% hunger you begin to lose affinity, you’re safe until 40%, and it takes time to make your pet starve to that point. The quickest way to starve your pet is to party up with 3 others in fields and go on a killing spree, though the latter could end up taking longer since it is not guaranteed that randoms will stick around for that long; ask friends!. If you do manage to get 3 people to grind with you and you don't care to farm for field boxes, then ruben/elder fields are the best choices to drain & gain hunger/affinity.
    • The quickest way to lose affinity will cost you some ED. When making a QPL jelly you have a fixed chance to make a Fantastic QPL jelly that when fed to your pet increases its affinity by 2%, and Strange QPL Jelly which will lower your pet’s affinity by 5%; both of these jellies still replenish the hunger meter. You need 20 Strange QPL Jellies to make your pet’s affinity drop all the way down to 0 without effort. This will cut down greatly on the time you will spend working on your pet but again, you will have to spend some extra ED.
    • It is cost-effective to raise your pet’s affinity only up to 70%, once it’s in adult form, and then starving it back to 0%. This way you don’t have to worry about getting your hands on El tree seeds and fruits. As of late, the inclusion of El tree seeds into Ariel’s Exchange tab makes it a little more plausible to go above 70%. She trades 1 El tree seed per 3 Evil Souls collected; the latter is obtained by killing field bosses.
    • If you’re tired of raising your pet but still haven’t hit 100% affinity, make sure you hit the next interval and then unsummon it. That way next time you log in you don’t have to worry about meeting your pet’s needs. If you happen to leave your pet out, then remember that if you kill a mob, in either fields or dungeon, you will be bound by your pet's due interval. As long as you don’t kill anything while your pet is out, you should be fine.
    • Your pet will accept any level of QPL jelly.
    • It is possible to gain/lose affinity even when your character's stamina is fully depleted. Here is a video showing how it is done


    Section 4: To Infinity & Beyond!

    Starve-feed Cycle Explained

    How can I obtain more shy points after my adult pet has reached 100% affinity?
    The answer is simple. You must do a starve-feed cycle. This basically consist of depleting your pet's hunger meter down to 39%, where you will begin to lose affinity, and subsequently drain it all the way down to zero; the lower the hunger meter percentage is, the faster you lose affinity. You can deplete your pet's hunger meter by running dungeons (henir, 7-3 & 7-6 recommended) or by killing mobs in fields; ruben fields are ideal for quickest results but I personally prefer to kill mobs in sander fields to farm field boss boxes.

    Once your pet's hunger and affinity meter are at 0%, you log out; regardless of what change inducing method you use. After logging back in, feed your pet so it's hunger meter rises past 60% at which point you will gain affinity points for killing mobs. You preferably want to feed your pet so that it's hunger meter rises past 80% because the higher the meter is at the more affinity you get per kill. Once you've done this choose which change inducing method you would prefer, log-out or re-summon, and follow the affinity percentage interval corresponding to the method you chose. Regardless of which method you use, the maximum amount of shy points you can acquire per starve-feed cycle are 5.

    Enter the Pet's Toy

    Image provided by randomforumname

    In case the picture is not clear enough - this nifty little item called Pet's toy doubles the rate at which your pet gains affinity. On the downside, it halves the rate at which your pet loses affinity. I say downside because this will make depleting your pet's affinity take twice as long. Fear not though for pet's toy effect is only in effect while it is present in your inventory, therefore if you leave it in your storage you're safe.

    Things to Watch out for

    In Regards to Hunger Meter:

    This is NOT 0% hunger.


    This IS 0% hunger.


    In Regards to Affinity Meter:

    This is NOT 0% affinity:


    This IS 0% affinity:


    Example of Accurate Affinity Percentage Achieved:

    This is NOT 70% affinity:


    This IS 70% affinity:


    NOTE: The above pictures aim to help people see where they should stand as far as clearly depleting their pet's affinity and hunger, or where exactly x% is on the affinity bar; in this case 70% is used as an example. Please do take note of this so you don't go slightly above your next required percentage interval.

    Section 5: Frequently asked questions!

    Q&A #1:
    If I were using the re-summoning method would I be able to use 5% intervals instead of 4% and still obtain shy points, or does 5% yield a different personality. Just curious because I'm sure I missed some things since I didn't get my first point until 28%.
    You would still earn points but you would be wasting some affinity that could go towards more shy points. If you follow the instructions well and don't mess up, the max number of shy points you can obtain with an adult pet is 5. 4% is the lowest safe percentage to you can use before you start accumulating sociable points.

    Q&A #2:
    Another question. If I get my affinity to 0% before my hunger, do I really need to starve all the way down? Or can I just relog and feed back to 80% and get started with the intervals again
    If your affinity bar reaches 0% before your hunger percentage, you don’t need to deplete the hunger bar.

    Q&A #3:
    Hi, I'm back. Is there any math on sensible? Like, if I am feeding my pet strictly QPL jellies (the regular ones), does anyone know how many it will take before I get a sensible point? Also, I noticed that when my pet does increase in sensible, it does not happen on the feed, but also on the resummon/relog as shy does. Does the number of feeds within an interval have an effect on this?
    It does have an influence but I can't say how many times you have to feed your pet before it gains a point in sensibility. You see, over a long period of time, I've only fed my pet once a day after SDs and eventually it gained a point in sensible. The way it works is vague because if you were required X amount of feeds, before relogging/unsummoning, to gain a sensible point then there's no way you could gain one after x amount of feeds over a period of time; 1 feed a day.

    Q&A #4:
    after finish an interval, is logging out then log in then log out immediately affect shy point
    As long as you don’t kill a mob, aka gain affinity points, your pet won’t be subject to it’s next interval. Hence, you could go into fields and log-in and out or re-summon a buncha times without any repercussions.

    Q&A #5:
    Hey, I was wondering if I could use a pet during a Raid boss without affecting its growth, would that be possible? Can I just use my pet until the raid boss is dead then unsummon them to not be affected? If I read correctly, pets should not be affected when in town, I believe this is because we are not using stamina/getting EXP? So if I unsummon my pet before the raid boss dies, would it be okay? or would I have to go get a 4 or 5% interval? I would like some extra DPS as well as heals, but I have left my pet untouched because I am afraid it will be affected.
    As long as you unsummon the pet BEFORE the raid boss is dead, it's fine. The raid boss actually gives xp/uses stamina so killing it will affect your pet.

    Q&A #6:
    I think i'm reading that the amount of shyness a pet has doesn't change how often the pet attacks.
    so there's not much point in going -100
    Judging by the test I ran with my DW and her miho, shy pets now use 250mp unlike before. Let me explain, before this recent update to the pet system there were two others. The first one is the one my friend and I picked up from and made this guide. At some point this changed again, I don't know if anybody else noticed but no matter how far into shy a pet was it would still use 300mp. When I ran tests with my DW's miho about a week ago, I found that the chance for a successful skill cast begins at 250mp, meaning:

    beginning at 250mp, a pet can cast their skill without requiring 300mp.

    If you see your pet casting their skill at 300, then it's on the RNG side. Also, the higher shy stat of a pet the longer their cheer will last. That's really worth the while imo. Thing is, we don't know how many shy points add an extra second to cheer buff. This is still in the testing phase.

    Q&A #7:
    it it hasnt already been said, im thinking the point where sociable/shy are locked in place is actually just when theyre in special status. at least, my mana eater has been at 77% affinity for a while now and my shy never went down, even after millions of DCs and a bunch of unsummoning/channel hopping/charselect just to see if this was really the case. hes still at a glorious -10, -10
    None of it will matter if you d/c, unsummoned, changed channels and went to character select window while you're in Town or a resting area. For a person to be bound by their pet's next interval you have to kill a mob, in either fields or a dungeon, then you're bound. In previous posts someone asked if unsummoning their pet right before eltrion died would affect their pet's personality. While I've never tested this myself, another forumer said a pet won't see its personality shift if you unsummon them before raid boss dies. I don't know how true this is because i haven't tried nor have any of my friends. Try at your own risk.

    Q&A #8:
    Heya, I was wondering what happens when you miss an interval? Sometimes I forget and I go past my interval by 2%... Do I just unsummon my pet and reset my 4% interval from the current percent I'm already at? or do I have to starve my pet back to 0% and start over again? My pet is in her adult form.

    ie. I'm at 20% > she's now at 26% affinity instead of 24%
    If you overshoot an interval you merely waste the extra affinity. 6% counts the same towards shy as 4%.

    4->8 is the same as 4->10. Which would continue as 8->12 and 10->14 respectively.

    Intervals don't carry over. Every time you unsummon/relog the interval starts new.
    Answer provided by mooselord. Thank you very much!

    WARNING: This guide is a work in progress. The given intervals in this guide for Crystal, Infant and Teen stages are going through re-evaluation; except Adult stage - resummon, thus far we are 100% sure 4% is the required interval for resummon method. Further testing on Log-Out method is still pending. Please note these intervals will get you through the stages while still acquiring a hefty amount of shy personality points. If anyone has the time, resources and will to further help the accuracy of this guide we will be grateful. Please send me a private message with whatever info you have discovered, along with backing evidence, and I will add it to this guide and give you credit accordingly.

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    Special thanks to:

    ManiwaNinja, ToZDERP, LordSaucey, hihiplz, mooselord, Funyarinpa, GauntEnmity, Mongo, xnanafe, masterprinny, randomforumname and 2nafish and the creator of the Pet Guide. This guide could not have happened without your help.

    Pets used to test the theories for this guide:

    Thanks to you too, lovable ones!

    Taiga Chi

    Personality Grid

    Asmita Caelum (Does not want to be touched)

    Personality Grid

    Elysion Bloem

    Personality Grid

    Aikia & Nemesis Bloem

    Aikia's Personality Grid
    Nemesis' Personality Grid


    Giygas' Personality Grid
    Congrats on reaching -100 on both sensible & shy!

    Please show support for this guide by leaving a nice comment

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    ^ You said it will not INCREASE below 40%, however affinity will stand still from 40-60%. Therefore, it won't increase.

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    Feita Knight
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    Never Lucky Land
    I've seen my error and thank you and Cinnamoos for pointing it out. I meant to say it will decrease after 40%. Spent about a day and a half writing this and probably missed that mistake during my proof reading. Once again, sorry.

    No problem.

    I agree with you on this part, I remember feeding my uniring a lv7 regular QPL Jelly and its hunger increased by 19.5% if i'm not mistaken. Perhaps limited edition pets gain more hunger from Jellies but the information given applies to pets in general.

    As some datapoints, my treeknight gains exactly 14% affinity from level 7 while my uniring gains 18.19% hunger. At first I thought it was related to personalities but it doesn't seem to match up. I am pondering if its pet specific/related to limited edition. Maybe even both? Hard to say without more data.

    That is basically what I'm trying to convey. Though when a character is maxed out, feeding a lv6 jelly to your pet won't work; at least that's how I saw it happen. They will only take lv7.

    While I can't say for strange jellies, I know my pet will eat level 6 jellies on a capped character at a reduced hunger gain. Perhaps strange jellies are different? I just reconfirmed and my uniring ate a level 6 QPL on a capped char.

    The intervals for adults I get are from the already established pet guide (found in the first post). I've tested them and are indeed effective.

    My friend suggests something closer to 3-4% works. There was something about 60-80% and 80-100% hunger during affinity gain skewing the data but I don't remember the specifics. In either case your number will work but I think its not the minimal value.

    It is a suggestion from the contributors and pet guide and stands as a possibility. Personally, I prefer it too. Your opinion on what would be the ideal way could also stand as a possibility. However, be advised that the daily bonus of 2% affinity does not count towards personality inducing change.

    I should have clarified my method is for those who don't care for shy status
    edit: edited for edited

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    Cooldown on Encouragement normally seems to be 150 seconds or so (regardless of personality), but lowers in special state. It's a bit hard to figure out the exact cooldown since it's quite hard to forcibly proc the heal, but I'd estimate it to be around 75 seconds or so. It's short enough that if it activates at the start of Avalanche's fight, if you can bypass one of Avalanche's HP checkpoints and he runs twice in a row (approximately 60 seconds of run time), it's able to activate shortly after he comes back.

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    I planned to release a guide soon (tomorrow, hopefully), but it seems like I should mention a few things now based on my tests with adult Uniring.

    An interesting fact to note is their attacks will fill up your MP bar.
    I can't find a source, but I recall hearing that some pet attacks (including Kumiho's) will not build mana for the player.

    You should not worry about pets at all until you’ve reached lv60 on your character of choice. The reason being you won’t have enough funds to raise your pet.
    Not so. If you queue all the time and dismantle most of your equipment, El gems for QPL are not hard to come by. Weapons give plenty of hunger too if the user wishes to resort to them. I'll admit that aiming for a specific personality can be taxing before level cap though.

    Exiting the game, clicking “character select”, changing channels and unsummoning your pet are considered forms of Logging out so beware.
    I'm almost certain unsummoning and quick channel change (via top right UI) do not work, but I'll have to test them again.

    There is little to no trouble raising your pet be sensible, the only requirement is to feed it El tree fruits and/or seeds, QPL jellies and rare level equipment (yellow font).
    Rare equipment does not increase Sensible.

    Adults: They require 7% affinity intervals to gain personality points. Example: your pet has 8% affinity, so you must raise that to 15% for half a point. Raise it once more to 22% for the full point, and so on.
    The required affinity change is far lower and is affected by the hunger range used to build affinity.

    Keep your pet well fed. The higher the percentage the hunger meter is at, the faster you will earn affinity.
    The increased affinity gain is offset by a higher affinity requirement to cause a change. 7% is still way over the adjusted value.

    At lv60, you would need 20 Strange QPL Jellies(lv7) to make your pet’s affinity drop all the way down to 0 without effort. This will cut down greatly on the time you will spend working on your pet but again, you will have to spend some extra ED.
    Effort is still required since Strange QPL jellies increase hunger. Compared to the 18.19% hunger given to my Uniring by normal QPL 7, Strange gives 6.48%.

    This means that the exact % is not known; unlike the case of Adult stage where we are 100% sure the required interval is 7%. However, due to the fact that the intervals provided here still work, my tester friend and I have decided not to dig any further.
    You are 100% sure that affinity change x required for shy is less than or equal to +7. x is not equal to +7. As you said, you decided not to dig any further and that's fine. The hidden decimal values for personality, affinity, and hunger make this tedious to extensively examine.

    Though when a character is maxed out, feeding a lv6 jelly to your pet won't work; at least that's how I saw it happen when i tried to feed my pet a lv6 strange jelly. It will only take lv7.
    QPL 6 is level 52, so it should work. I fed my pet countless level 52 equipment during my Premium LOL grind.

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    Velder Noble
    Oct 2012
    Revised guide, gave credit to contributors of new info. Also remember to send me a private message when you have information that is new or otherwise conflicts with the information on this guide.

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    Bethma Guard
    Sep 2012
    Nice to see a thorough guide on pets.
    - I got a blood eater atm with 100% affinity auto-fed with fruits. Atm it's -1,-1.